Stretch Goals!

Posted by Joss on Thursday, February 9, 2023

“Finally done.”

Stretch Goals

A big part of the Kickstarter campaing included the arriving of 3 additional quests few weeks after the end of the campaign. Weeks turned into Months but I am really happy to announce that they are here now.

These 3 new Quests form a Trilogy set in a cyberpunk world. I so wanted to be able to create it. Player are a private investigator and they have a case where young children have been dying where it seems that the cops and Medias are covering up the tragedies.

These quests can be purchased separately on DriveThruRPG or with all the other quests in the package available on Randomskill.

Standalone format

The game is available to be print and fold to obtain a little booklet. Very nice to play. However, all players can’t print the files or whatever reasons and the game is also available in a standalone format to be readable on a screen.

Looking back, I didn’t set the contents correctly to be easily readable. This is something I modified in the latest version. Instead of 2 columns, the game is formatted on 3 columns. If you bought the game before, I invite you to download the latest version and try this new format.


Related to the Kickstarter campaing, with this final step, all promises have been kept, the Deathly Thrones Kickstarter is completed.

Now, what kind of future will be for this game? Right now, I don’t know. What I know it’s:

  • I really like this game. I’m subjective, of course.
  • I don’t know a lot of games using this kind of gameplay, to be exact, I don’t know any games using this concept but I’m not aware about all the game that exist.
  • All the community quests are very good.
  • This website will still here for years.

One of my near objective is to translate the game into other language to reach more players. Another objective is to add more contents, I would like to try a Pirates settings. Also, I’m thinking to improve the game mechanics to have more deeps but it’s another story.

Next game

I’m actually using all my time on it. A new Kickstarter campaign is comming soon. It’s a new Print & Play game where I will be closer to what is usually done in this genre while keeping key elements of Deathly Thrones.

The next game will have a big impact for me and to fit this purpose I called it: Trial by Fire.

This website will have a redesing in few weeks to welcome the newcomer. I hope you will like it. See you soon.


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