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Posted by Joss on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Another Shop

Few days ago, I received a mail to integrate a print-and-play digital distribution platform. I accepted it and from today, the game is now also available on Randomskill.

Differently to DriveThruRPG, only the All In version are available there.

If you know anyone who might be interested, don’t hesitate to share this new link. More information are available on the SHOP page.

Community contents

A new content came today. It’s very fun, isn’t a Quest as usual, it’s a Fishing Dexterity Game made by Genghis Pawn. These rules allow fan-made Quests to add Fishing events. If you can catch a fish, you gain 1 health (+1♡)!

Genghis Pawn is also a very active member of the Board Game Geek website. He made these PNP Tokens in case you don’t have cards and these PNP Health & Armor Tracker Tokens that are very helpful. Thank you!

I found it really really good and now, I like to fish when I’m doing a Quest. Go to the COMMUNITY section and let’s add this mini-game to your Quest.


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