First Community Quests

Posted by Joss on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

“What a pleasure to receive them.”

Big day!

They are here, the first quests created by players! A lot of thanks to Some Idiot Games and Nathan Evans for theses new adventures:

  • The Wizard’s Stronghold
  • Assault on the Troll King

Better than all, both of these quests add new mechanics! The Wizard’s Stronghold invite you to use The Thief class with an ability to reverse the attack cards. As for Assault on the Troll King, it offers to roll a 1d10 against stats.

They are really cool mechanics, I like them.

Go to the COMMUNITY section to play these quests!


To add discussions, I set up Disqus on this website. Now, on every post, you can share your impressions. Every time I’ll add a quest, I’ll write a new post. Use this place to add comments about these new quests.

Now, I hope you will enjoy these new quests as I did.


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