Posted by Joss on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

“I hit the send button.”

Release day!

I am very happy to announce that yesterday, the 19th July 2022, all Kickstarter backers have received a link to their pledged files.

Now, this website come to life! This website is dedicated to connect players and creators of Deathly Thrones contents. Using the Quest Editor, everyone can easily create new stories and share their Quests with other players.

Explore it in details to know more.


The COMMUNITY section is where the community contents will be available for everyone. It is the place where you Get new Quests to enjoy new stories, but especially it’s also the place where you can Share your own Quests with all members of the community. Show us what you create, it will be a pleasure to play it.


If you purchased the All In pledge, you have the tools to create your own Quests. The EDITOR section is an explanation page on how you can use these tools to bring your story to life.


The RULES section explains in detail what are the game mechanics of Deathly Thrones. Read them to understand how you can play this game.


In this game you will have to fight a lot. Fight mechanics are based on drawn cards, player abilities and a little bit of math. To help everyone to better understand how to play, I created a calculator tool available on this page. It’s a very helpful tool to easily explore all the quests.


The SHOP section will have a link to buy the game on an online store. Deathly Thrones is not available for purchase now.

Let’s go

Regularly this site will be fed with new posts where I will add user contents. Stay tuned.


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